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Goats For Sale: Products

Goat Herd Tested Negative for CAE and Johne's in March 2024

Our kids are dam raised but handled daily to ensure they are friendly and accustomed to handling. 
All kids will receive CD&T at time of disbudding and/or wethering.

Doelings will be available to leave at 12-16 weeks of age.

Wethers and bucks will be available to leave at 10-12 weeks of age.  

At this time, all bucks will be wethered, and sold as pets unless I feel a particular buck is exceptional. 

However, it is unlikely any will be sold intact until we've participated in Linear Appraisal and/or Classification again.

Wethers are priced at $150 each and discounted $25 for each additional purchased at that time. 

I will not sell a single kid to a home that does not already have goats as goats are herd animals and need at least one buddy.


Early Morning Kira $500 - will be weaned and ready to leave Memorial Day weekend

S: Little Tots Estate Kiryu *B

SS: Little Tots Estate Buffalo Max*B

SD: AGS Little Tots Estate Anemone 1*M

DS: GCH AGS Sm3Pines Juren's Swell Foop +*B

DD: Little Tots Estate Kalmia

D: Early Morning Kitana

DS: Little Tots Estate FallenAngel

DD: Little Tots Estate Nikita 1*M

SS: SG Little Tots Estate Agave ++*B

SD: Little Tots Estate Gleditsia









Early Morning Jellybean - in milk - $600
Jellybean kidded on 3/17 with twin bucks.  She can go with them as a package deal, or be sold separately and can leave when they are weaned.  Jellybean is a first freshener and is getting used to being hand milked and machine milked.  She's producing well.  The only reason she is for sale is her teats are small and handmilking is a bit uncomfortable.  She is polled and also very friendly.

Midnight is retired from my breeding program as I have several daughters.   He passes very consistent, well attached udders along to his daughters.  $300


Two wethers available to leave: Nacho is an oberhasli.  His dam passed away when he was a month old, so he was turned into a bottle baby.  He is a very sweet boy.  

MooMoo is a Nigerian Dwarf.  He was dam raised, but is incredibly friendly.

They are $125 each 

Jellybean wethers.jpg

Jellybean kidded with twin bucks on March 17.  They'll be weaned, wethered, and ready to go Memorial Day weekend.  
$125 each or $200 as a pair

Cocoa Puff wether.jpg
Cocoa Puff kidded with doe/buck twins on March 22.  This adorable dude will be weaned, wethered, and ready to go June 1. 
$125 or additional discount if he's purchased with Jellybean's boys.
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