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Goat Herd Tested Negative for CAE & Johne's in March 2022

Our kids are dam raised but handled daily to ensure they are friendly and accustomed to handling. 
All kids will receive CD&T at time of disbudding and/or wethering.

Doelings will be available to leave at 12-16 weeks of age.

Wethers and bucks will be available to leave at 10-12 weeks of age.  

Spring 2023 Kidding Schedule

Nigerian Dwarf - 

Little Tots Estate Skarlet - kidded 2/11
  x Flat Rock's Whisper N the Dark                      
             1 silver doe with blue eyes $500 - SOLD          

Southern Grits R Cocoa Puff - kidded 2/24
  x Fields of Grace MidnightCowboy              
Cocoa Puff kidded with quads; 3 does/1 buck!
Cocoa Puff is on milk test this year. Cocoa Puff's udder isn't the prettiest, as it lacks the defined medial the pretty udders host, but Cocoa Puff makes up for it in capacity.  She has always been a machine in the milk room, and is easily feeding all 4 kids.

Early Morning Moonpie - polled $450  (Moonpie is my favorite of the bunch and already the friendliest.)        

Early Morning Muffin - blue eyes $450  (Muffin is a mama's girl and is mostly found napping on Cocoa Puff's back.) 

Early Morning Gingerbread - polled  $450  (Do not be deceived by Gingerbread's RBF. She is a sweet girl.) 

Wether "Ding Dong" - blue eyes  $150

Early Morning Onyx  - kidded 3/2
  x Little Tots Estate FallenAngel
Onyx blessed us with a big, beautiful doeling! This girl is going to be very hard to part with as Onyx is maturing into a stunning doe, and my favorite so far. Onyx is on milk test this year, as is her dam, and I expect both to easily earn their milk stars. Onyx has a lovely soft udder with a fantastic attachment.  
Early Morning Jade has blue eyes, and is already full of sass.
$500 - SOLD

Last Resort Runnin Like D Wind - kidded 3/5
  x K Family Winston (blue eyes)
Windy was brought into the herd already bred to K Family Winston.  She blessed us with triplet does! Windy will be on milk test.  Both her dam and litter mate sister have earned their milk stars, so I expect her to as well. 

Windy is for sale.  She's a beautiful doe, with a lovely, well attached udder.  Unfortunately, her teats are small and make hand-milking difficult.  Windy was not previously milked, and I expected a fight on the milk stand, but she is a well behaved doe, who just stands there and eats her grain while I milk.  I have no doubt she'll do well with machine milking.  She is a very sweet doe, and gets pushed around a bit in my herd.  I have sent off for her ADGA registration, and am still awaiting a return of her papers. 
Once her girls are weaned, she'll be ready to go (approximately April 21).  
Windy: $500

     The kids' sire's pedigree is:
     S: Crystal Estates Dagger
     D: Cedar View Felicita
     SS: K Family Benji
     SD: K Family Sasha
     DS: Cedar View Fabrizio
     DD: Buttin' Heads Kachamak Bay
Scout (light buckskin) $450

Shadow (light buckskin) $450
Silena - blue eyes (dark buckskin) $450 - SOLD

Early Morning Adora - kidded 3/18
x Little Tots Estate FallenAngel                        
The intent was to retain a doe out of Adora, and sell her to a farm seeking good production with nice large teats.  The bonus was these kids had the potential to be blue eyed, polled, and moonspotted. Adora kidded with one large, adorable blue-eyed, polled, and moonspotted --- buck. 
He will be available as a pet wether when weaned.

Duff Acres Lucy - due 4/6
  x Little Tots Estate FallenAngel
            Does $525; Wethers $150
            One doe reserved

Little Tots Estate Nikita - due 4/4
  x Flat Rock's Whisper N the Dark
            Does $500; Bucks $500; Wethers $150
JKA Ranch Starlight Starbright - due 5/4
  x Fields of Grace MidnightCowboy
            All does will be retained
            Wethers $150

Early Morning Kitana - due 6/1   
  x Flat Rock's Whisper N the Dark        
         Does $500; Wethers $150

Oberhasli - 

Leatherwood Violet - due 4/10   
  x Heaven's Hollow Lind Say What       
      Does $525; Wethers $150


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