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Countdown to Babies!

Lucy is at the end of her pregnancy and since I don’t really have a date to go by, I’ve just had to guestimate using the information given to me by the lady I bought her from. Lucy was a wee bit of a hussy and got herself knocked up without permission.

She kidded Crescent in August 2017 so an October pregnancy was not ideal. I bought them, and brought them both home the week after a sneaky new buck wooed her into giving up the goods. It was late November when I got confirmation she was pregnant. I’ve kept a close eye on her and made sure she stayed at a healthy weight. So far, so good.

Lucy and Crescent when we brought them home

And now that you have the back story, I bring you to the present:

My calculation led me to the due date of February 24. (Which just so happens to be my sister’s birthday!) Standard size breeds (my Oberhaslis, for example) have a gestation period of 150 days, whereas the dwarf breeds (Nigerian Dwarfs, like Lucy) have closer to 145 days. Going by the information from the seller, day 145 would be February 24 or shortly thereafter. However, goats are on no one’s schedule and have been known to kid a few days early or, because they like to play with your emotions, they can hold those babies hostage until you’ve lost your mind. I’ve only been told about that last part. Let’s hope Lucy doesn’t make me experience it for myself.

Lucy is beginning to show signs the event is getting close, and that is why:

We are on official Baby Countdown!

I am going to update this blog every day with Lucy’s progress until we have babies. So check back often!

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