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A Plum Mystery

A tragedy happened this week. The beautiful fruits I’ve been watching grow on my trees have been disappearing. Earlier in the week I noticed one of my little peaches was gone. I checked the rest of my trees and all my other fruits were accounted for: five apples (there were six, but the smallest rotted some time ago), five nectarines, two small peaches, and my precious three little plums. It was a little puzzling at the plum tree, as I thought there had previously been four. I shrugged it off, however, and kept on my merry way.

I have since checked my notes, and yes, in fact the previously were four!

Friday as I did my evening routine, I decided I hadn’t admired my beautifully growing plums in a few days and I should probably check their progress. The last time I visited them they were about the size of half dollars. They were still green, but oh, so plump. As I gently held them between my fingers, I dreamed of the day I would sink my teeth into their flesh. I could almost feel the juice running down my arm. But as I stood in front of my tree, a feeling of utter horror came over me. My plums were gone. All three of them. Vanished.

I feel robbed.

I feel like life has lost all meaning.

We strive to keep mother nature happy and I feel she stabbed me right in the back.

Ok, so that might be a bit dramatic, but considering I have to wait an entire year before I have a chance at any more plums, it’s pretty darn devastating.

It appears as though a bug has been dining on my peach from the inside so I don’t believe I’ll be sinking my teeth in that fruit this year either.

I’m now watching my apples and nectarines, and praying whatever culprit has already burgled my other trees hasn’t spotted them yet.

RIP my precious plums.


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