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We're Still Waiting

It’s a new day and since Lucy didn’t have her baby(ies) while I was home over the weekend, I’ve asked her kindly to please keep her legs crossed until this weekend so I can be there when the magic happens.

"Does this angle make my butt look big?"

I followed her around with the camera most of the day and between dirty looks in my direction, she just chewed trees and scratched her sides on the fence.

She’s beginning to get uncomfortable and unsettled so we know the time is close.

I’ll check in again tomorrow.

In other news:

Cocoa Puff has just over a month to go and she's now too heavy to get onto the milk stand unassisted. After two failed attempts at hopping up on her own, I had to heave her back end up for her. I hope it didn't hurt her feelings too much when I grunted in pain lifting her heft onto the stand. Starting tomorrow she will just eat from the floor of the milking room.

I'm wondering if she has a litter cooking in there.

Check out those curves.

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