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Will today be the day?

I’ve stooped to some new lows this week. I know I said I wanted Lucy to wait until this weekend to kid, and I did. But I also anxiously rushed home every day hoping to see babies. All those work hours were torture as they crept by so slowly. Every day I was disappointed when I got home and there were no babies. But Lucy didn’t care. She just looked at me contemptuously while I stared at her lady bits.

I’ve never looked at goat lady bits as much as I have this week. You know you’re desperate when you’re wearing a head lamp following around a goat in the dark trying to get a good peek.

Yesterday I was just convinced it was going to happen during the night. I put Lucy in the kidding stall to give her some privacy just in case. And yes, at 12:30 this morning I snuck out of bed and headed down to the goat house, only to be met with some beady eyes wondering why the heck I was disturbing everyone’s slumber.

This morning Lucy was still just as pregnant as ever so I let her out of the kidding stall. She doesn’t act like she’s the least bit interested in having babies so my parting words to

her were “you just stay pregnant forever then. I really don’t care.” But I’ve already been peeking from a distance.

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