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He's a Brain Eater

This morning I grabbed my coat to head out and turn the chickens loose. Just as I was slipping my arms into the sleeves, I heard a “plop” and suddenly there was a mad scramble of mouse and cat at my feet. I didn't even notice I'd had a mouse clinging to my back! Once on the floor, the little mouse didn’t know whether to run up my leg to escape or not, and I didn’t know which way to go to avoid having the mouse run up my leg to escape. Because of its hesitation Frey seized the opportunity to grab it in his teeth. It was a rather frantic affair. Once all was silent, and Frey sat crouched on the rug, never releasing his prize, David yelled from the bedroom “DID HE CATCH IT?” Delighted, I confirmed.

It was just a few weeks ago the vet offered to put my little guy to sleep. His kidney disease has progressed to kidney failure. I know his time is close, but it’s not yet.

Watching him eat the mouse’s head off explained why we found another headless mouse not long ago. Apparently my cat is part zombie and prefers brains.

'Come a little closer.'

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